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Free traffic from Google could lead to creating affiliate sales. Commissions were produced without the need of you to perform any hard-selling too. Thank God, this is what is God when it comes to the part of giving.

Free traffic means no costs involved in advertising and the searches are  mostly coming from the search engine used by potential buyers. But the most important key in sucking these free traffic are keywords, related and useful content in blog built by making a little research in the beginning. The condition is that you must have your own  written articles useful for general reading related to the niche that you are interested in and find the appropriate affiliate products to sell.

This combination of keywords and useful contents that cooped up in a niche blog able to put it in the eyes of search engines on a high and authoritative position. In this way you will get traffic from Google for free .

How to do it? Follow the tips below:

1. Write your expressions article whether you are blogging for personal reasons, business, affiliate, product promotion and others. Write your article approximately in 300 words. It is better if you can write 500 words. Many would ask how to find ideas to write blog articles. The trick is to write anything except copy and paste from someone else articles, this way your article will be always original and unique. Google just loved articles like this.

2. Search for one ‘keyword’ related to the subject that you’re writing for. Find the most appropriate one.

3. Check the competition of the ‘keyword’. Select the ‘keyword’ with less competition.

4. Check-demand the demand of the ‘keyword’. Select ‘keywords’ that is having high demand.

5. Select ‘keywords’ that have been identified and take the ‘keyword’ as the title your blog post. To attract more attention of the reader, combine the ‘keyword’ with your own text that you feel the reader highly interested in going to click on your blog post when they make a search on Google or other search engines.

6. Keep ‘keyword’ in the title of your post there.

7. Make sure the keyword you have in your article between 3-5 times. Put the ‘keyword’ in the first line of the article, in the middle of an article and at the end of the article.

8. Make sure the ‘keyword’ and ‘related keywords’ being put as tags.

It is easy. Just do it, that’s how to do it.

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