Amazon Affiliate Marketing Plan Strategy

Write a good review with personal touch

People like to read a story. How about you? Of course, I like stories. So, write a story-like review with personal opinion. They will enjoy and happy when reading it. But be honest to them, review only good products and do not try to promote bad products to your readers even though there are sales going on.

How to evaluate a product before promoting it?

Testimonial and feedback. Amazon provide space where buyers can actually post their comments praising or complaining about the products they have bought. This way, a good product actually sell itself. However, a not so good product also sells due to some reasons like low price, benefit outweigh the weakness, practicality and so on. So, potential buyers can actually read all those testimonials and its up to them to make the final decisions – whether to buy or not to buy.

Provide value to your potential customers

What value? You may have read these a thousand times. Tell them the features and the benefits of every of them. How these benefits can be useful to the user. Other strategy you could use is like to tell the potential buyer that they can get the same product on Amazon at a lower price compared to other retailer. Just go to Amazon and you will realize most of the time there are always price cut or discount coupon offered by Amazon. So, you provide values to the readers and let them make their decision. Don’t force them to buy.


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