Avent Steam Sterliser Ease Busy Mom Everyday House Duties – Use Steam Sterilizer for Your Baby Bottles

What is a steam sterilizer?

Steam sterilizer is a device used to boil baby bottles so that they can get sterilized, free from germs. It has built-in timer where you don’t have to wait to turn it off.

How do this steam sterilizers help busy mothers?

Actually, I have seen my wife doing this. She feel that it is worth it to purchase this gadget. Why? You may read the below paragraph to find the answer.

Traditional way of sterilizing baby bottles is by boiling a pile of water. Then what you do is pouring the hot water into a container where you put all your baby bottles. After a few minutes soaking the bottles in a hot water then you have to dry them and ready for use.

By using a sterilizer mothers job are getting easier. Even a husband like me can operate thus help to lessen the burden of my wife.

Of course prior to sterilizing, the bottles must be clean. To start sterilizing, just simply pour a little water in it and then put the bottles into the sterilizer. Switch on the sterilizer on one button. You have done it! The rest is waiting for the sterilizer to switch off automatically.

The bottles are ready to use for the baby.

Sorry, before I forget….there are two types of steam sterilizers:

1. Sterilizers that act as boilers – powered directly to the electric source in your house.

2. Sterilizers that need a microwave as it heaters – simply fit the container into a microwave. This is an easy job too for mothers to do. Switch on the microwave and the bottles will get sterilized automatically.

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