Coklat homemade – learn how to make your own chocolate at home

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Think of homemade chocolate as your business

Why not customize your own chocolates with a specific event that made one of the sources of income or business. As example, weddings guests are going to love when you give them homemade chocolate in a special design.

Process of making homemade chocolate

The use of decorations on the color of home made chocolate have long been practiced. Elements of the hand-colored stain is painted in the mold before the chocolate is poured. After over an hour in the cooling chamber, finely colored icons will look attractive. Then excess chocolate is trimmed by hand using a small knife. Why chocolate is not melted at fingertips? depends on compatibility, chocolate melt in between 86 ° F 90 ° F; the unmolding area is maintained at 60 ° F, where you need to wear cotton gloves.

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Excellent choice prepared with love and care

Homemade chocolate is an excellent choice, because the product is not too processed and usually contain high quality ingredients. The world’s latest trend is towards the type of organic chocolate. It seems that homemade chocolate sales grew tremendously because it is thought as an organic brand and there is a popular misconception that organic chocolate has fewer calories. Homemade chocolate actually has the same calorie content of most other chocolate sold and sometimes higher. So, if you eat chocolate, be only a small amount and eat the right kind of chocolate.

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Homemade chocolates prepared with lots of care and affection. This is because only fresh, natural ingredients are used and no artificial ingredient used at all. Hand made chocolate boxes often come with a recommendation to eat within 7 days. Hand made chocolate is relatively small, not enough to make a point or two bites even if it makes a good healthy mouthful. And despite their compact size, there are many who put in a small square so that it is not necessarily bad.






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