How do I start as Amazon Affiliate?

Why affiliate marketing?

First question everybody should ask themselves is why get involved in this affiliate marketing. There are promises saying that it is the easiest method and you can earn money while you sleep. But people never think that they may easily fall into traps and scams resulting in losing lots of money with little or no returns makes you can’t sleep at all. However, you must remember that when a program fail to generate money does not mean it is a scam. Many factors have to be taken into account before you call it as scam.

Step By Step Videos on How to Earn Amazon Affiliate Commission

Free videos showing proven plan and legitimate ways of earning Amazon affiliate commission using only free resources.

Free videos showing proven plan and legitimate ways of earning Amazon affiliate commission using only free resources.

How do you identify whether the program is a scam or not?

You need to check few things for identification such as:

1. Type on search engines the name of that program and add the word scam behind it. You will find many people complaining about the program is bad, not working and else.

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2. Try to contact the owner of the program. Is there any response? If there is again ask another related question until you are satisfied. Some marketer just simply don’t reply means the support system is not there and you won’t be entertained after purchasing their program.

3. Just simply analyze the sales page. Most of the format will include testimonial. If you feel that the testimony is not original and have been made up, let it go.

4. Another factor is hypie sales page promising millions of return. If you are starting as newbie do not fall into this trap. You should find a program whereby it provide simple technique and doable. Not that complicated method using lot of software you have to buy but you do not know how to execute and maintain. At last, you will get confused and give up. Read the sales page and analyze whether it tells hype or truth. Hype means unreasonable promises. You should know in your heart by first glance at the sales page.

Before I forget, there are two things you have to make sure they are not scam and repeat the above process:

1. Affiliate program – the program you participate in which it will give you commission whenever you sell their item to a customer. Choose popular and establish program and you are save.

2. Marketing method being sold as e-book, software, DVD etc – make sure the method can convert and not just junk.

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Mental preparation before you start

Before you start, from my experience, it is better if you prepare your mind. It is because everybody want to have a successful venture into affiliate marketing. By now you have to think whether do you really want this or it is simply you are following others? Are you going to prove that you must be successful one day or not sure whether you are able to withstand the pressure that lays along the line the road before you get your first commission? Ask your self this question. For those who have confirmed to what they want I would like to invite you to watch inspirational video about “Thought become things” by Mike Dooley. What you think, dream and imagine may become reality if you believe and work through it. The video may help you to mentally prepared before you start affiliate marketing because the obstacle you may face is huge. Go to Youtube and type “Thought become things” by Mike Dooley. Just be prepared. I will write more regarding this matter.

Which program is a beginner should try?

Finally we reach at a point where you will ask, where to start? I would suggest try free marketing method first. You can register as Amazon Associates promoting Amazon products using this very Hubpages just like Wendy Krick. Just type her name in Hubpages and you will find her. Or you can follow me by writing articles and submit it to articles directory. It’s simple but need some work to be accomplished.

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