Online article writing – Why do I write in the first place?

Write for money?

Aha…most people will say they are writing because they want to make some money. I am not saying all people because if you look through all hubs, oh boy they are good ones out there that get a lot of attention because its so good produced by a very good writer who likes to write. But some people will only write when they think they can get some money out of it. You got yourself wrong there guys. You better think before start writing again and please write for a good cause. For your own good. It is ok if you want to write for money but if you are not getting any money after writing let say 1000 hubs, do you think you ever want to write after that?

Write for a good cause

Its whether there is money or not from your writing you should continue to write. Write for a good cause. Write because of satisfaction. Write to release your stress, maybe. Anything would be a good cause if you think in a positive way. Write to please other people. Write to entertain others. Write to solve other people’s problem. Provide solutions to ease others difficulty. From there you are becoming useful to yourself and others because you provide value. People will thank you and if it is good enough they will buy from you. Then its where the money coming in. So, if you realized you have to provide value before you are expecting something in return. Write for a good cause first then the money will come later.

Don’t think too much just write

So, when you write and you think too technical to correlate your writing about some problem with something you can sell almost immediately it will cause writer’s block. Write to provide value first, what you can offer to public. Discuss and provide solution by writing a good article full of useful tips and information first and it must come from your heart. Of course, some research will add some more value to your article. The mistake we always do is like, “I am thinking of a most popular and demanded products – how am I going to sell it to my viewers?” Wrong. You have to it vice versa. “What can I offer to my readers so that they will be please with me?”

I would say, always remember – provide value first. This way you will satisfy yourselves and people who need your advice. The satisfaction will be achieved whether you are getting money or not.

Always be natural so people will like to read your articles.

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