Shure SE530 You Must Own Unless You Are Not One Of Those Soundaround Geek Alive On The Planet

Shure SE530 is the best

Shure SE530 are among the best of the best offering top notch technology and most popular ones. Each of these high end headphones is of top quality, audiophile level, and has its own unique sound signature. They are actually targeted at users who appreciate the best sound quality without compromise. The sound clarity is unmatched, and with their neutral sound response they are the best of all top in ear headphones manufacturer.

Shure SE530 has sound isolating properties

Shure SE530 earphones are precise and produce powerful audio quality. These ear headphones are little bit pricey. Just simply look at noise-canceling headphones. They can cost you around $500 for example but they offer a unique technology – able to remove ambient noise digitally. When using an efficient noise-canceling headphones on an aeroplane, the noise and rumble from the plane’s engines can be almost completely removed. This allows you to keep the volume down, thus protecting your ears, and you can enjoy your music better. It’s where the term Shure SE530 sound ‘isolating earphones’ come around and fit the purpose.

Shure SE530 is for those who appreciate high quality audio

Another cool feature of Shure SE530 is that they are carefully engineered and constructed, thus produce a sound quality you would expect from a hi-fi system costing thousands of dollars. Every component in this sort of headphone is carefully selected and tested for optimum performance. For those that appreciate truly superb audio quality, $500 is an affordable alternative to a $4,000 home audio system.

Let’s take a look at all of the Shure SE530 sound isolating features

  • Triple speakers for sound that resemble live performance
  • Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers: Dedicated Tweeter and Dual Woofers
  • Sound Isolation Technology remove background noise better than noise-cancelling headphones, without batteries or added hiss
  • Premium Fit Kit including a selection of interchangeable sleeves for personalized, comfortable fit; 3′ extension cable; 9″ cable; premium carrying case; volume control; ΒΌ” adapter; airline adapter
  • Modular Cable Design lets users choose different cable lengths to suit different music player locations (armband, pocket etc.)

Overall, for the price that they charge for these, you will find no better headphones than SE530. Shure SE530 are pretty widely accepted as the best sound in generic fit items. To get better you’d have to get top end custom fit ultimate ears but they are by far the best universal-fitting in-ear phones.

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