The power of thoughts will have your dream became true – (if God permits)

What is your dream?

Everybody has a dream. What is yours? My dream is being able to work from home and self-employed. In addition, I want it to happen within 5 years time. So, if you have one, please think about it as frequent as you can.

Why should you believe to your dream?

Actually, you should have not asked this question. Why? The question illustrate you do not have the confidence with you own self. God created us equal and everybody has a chance to improve themselves.

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Set in your mind you must achieve your dream. Set in your mind you don’t have any other choice except to follow your dream.

This way you can focus and not being distracted away from your destiny. Ask guidance from God.

The Power of Thoughts

Maybe you have never realized. Maybe its already happened to you without you noticing. If you can rewind your memory just like a DVD player then bit by bit you will start remembering your old dreams have came true by now. So, now is the best time for you to dream of a new wish of a better life tomorrow.

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I want to share an inspirational live talk by Mike Dooley. I include the video below. In this video, Mike Dooley tells his own experience dealing with his dreams and visions and how to achieve them by visualizing in mind.

Very interesting indeed.

But please do realize that without permission from God, your dream won’t be dream come true.

Thought become things by Mike Dooley

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Choose Them Wisely: Thoughts Become Things!
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Thoughts Become Things! Live
Thoughts Become Things! Live
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