What I have learnt from Kung fu Panda movie

Have you watch it?

Hahaha…it is a comedy actually but full of lesson if you think so. It is about a Panda who do not know anything about Kungfu skill. What good about him is he always dreaming and acting like one. He adore very much of other Kungfu heroes and finally become a master Kungfu.

Persue on things you like

This panda is working for his father preparing noodles everyday but his thinking is always about Kungfu and not so noodles. His father is a duck who claim keeping a secret recipe of the noodles soup but Panda does not really bother of having the secret passed on to him. Why? because he is more interested in learning Kungfu. Funny eh? I told you.

There is no secret ingredient

The title above describe both situation in Panda and his father. The noodles soup formulated by his father is actually just a normal soup – there is no secret ingredient. Its just over aggregated as a marketing strategy.

And the Panda is mastering the Kungfu through his dedicated and deep interest learning from his Master Shifu and not acquired from any magic spell whatsoever.

Sorry to have the story cut short and hands you the conclusion. Please watch the movie so that you have fun and learn at the same time…haha.

Moral of the story

This movie is fun and motivational to watch. To me, it educates me in whatever you are doing now, believe in yourself. If you decide on one thing, go for it until you succeeds. Listen to your heart. Another thing, there is NO SECRET whatever for you to reach success. No shortcut. It takes hard word work, dedication, interest over time, don’t stop halfway.

At the end, you will be successful!

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